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Nov 13, 2012 11:00pm EST
life threatening. >> former d.c. council chairman kwame brown is on house arrest for six months. it's part of the bank fraud conviction. as part of a plea deal, brown admitted to lying on loan documents and stepped down from the council in june. he's also sentenced to one day in police custody which he served today. >> a plea deal is off the table for the suspected east coast rapist. aaron thomas was supposed to be pleading guilty today for attacking three teenagers on halloween in 2009. but the deal fell through when thomas told the judge he wasn't sure what was right or wrong. his trial will begin in january. >> two significant announcements in d.c. today. the first deals with schools. 20 public schools are to be slated to be shut down. many of them by the next school year. the goal is to close under-performing schools with low enrollment. most of them are ooesz of teast river in wards five and seven. none of the schools in wards one and three will be closed. parents say the news comes as a complete surprise. >> i'm shocked. my children have been going here for a while, for two ye
Nov 7, 2012 11:00pm EST
, a diagonal on his teeth and khaki pants and carrying a brown or tan, soft, leather briefcase. >> library staff told detectives that they do recall this individual and they had seen him, but they're not aware of any incidents or assaults like this or any type of violent behavior. >> reporter: the teen is shaken up, but sle is okay. library officials say they're only cooperating with police. live in falls church, jim rosenfield, news 4. >> thanks, jim. coming up next, one community targeted twice in the matter of weeks. we report tonight who's left homeless in an apartment fire. >> snow and sand pile up in some of sandy's hardest-hit areas. >> the mayor of new york poking fun at an snl >>> former congresswoman will ascend the sental tomorrow. in august, loftner pleaded glt to the mass shooting that killed six people and wounded three people. he agreed to a plea deal which faces life in prison. >> a community is on alert tonight after a ninth woman reported being assaulted. the woman says she was grabbed from behind off hibling avenue in springfield, last thursday. police now say that attac
Nov 10, 2012 11:00pm EST
their first four quarterbacks, now wide receiver stefan diggs and running back wes brown are out with ankle situations. they were going struggle to beat clemson even with all their parts. it got ugly down there without those parts. the group may have lacked point today but did not lack integrity and fight. pick it up in the first quarter. terps trailing by seven. sean petty issues on the rollout. that's cory crawford. and that's a big man's dream. 16 yards to pay dirt. clemson up 14-0. not all bad for petty and the terps. second quarter finds campbell 17-yard hookup. maryland finally on the board. fourth quarter now, clemson is not letting off the gas. backup quarterback cole stout hits it for the four-yard touchdown. number 13 clemson wins big, 45-10. can't dwell too long, florida state comes to college park next weekend. >>> uva hosting miami in charlottesville. this one absolutely crazy. pick it up in the fourth quarter, miami with a 31-28 lead. steven morris connects with phillip dorsett. and that's a 35-yard strike. three touchdowns on the day for morris. under 15 seconds to go. up fiv
Nov 12, 2012 11:00pm EST
it comes to outlet shopping? brown says buy shoes. they're often shipped directly from the retailer. the same quality at a better price. another deal? luggage. and deals on housewares. >> a lot of times, there might be small nicks or little dings in the paint which means it can't be sold in the retail store so they send it to the outlet store. so heading into the holiday shopping season, as long as you know what's real, you'll know which items are the best outlet deal. >> are you going to let her outlet shop here? >> oh, i've already taken care of that. >> one more outlet deal, always stop by the mall manager's office and grab a coupon book. there's always more discounts there. one more don't, don't assume that just because a store is at the outlet mall that it is a discount store. >> good advice. who's done before thanksgiving? >> if it's only one, then you'll wait until christmas eve. >> so it's going to be messy in the morning? >> it's messy in the morning and messy out there right now. we've got a line of some pretty strong showers moving through the region. not a lot of thunder
Nov 16, 2012 11:00pm EST
brown chair of the police chief advisory council made up of community members. >> he doesn't waste time. a very fair person. he doesn't believe in letting anything fester. >> officers face punishment could include being fired. the video has been removed from youtube. reporting live, prince george's county headquarters, jackie benson, news 4. >>> new explosions in israel. is rail escalated air strikes after two rockets fired from gaza landed just outside the capital of jerusalem today. israel is also known, amassing troops at the border. called up thousand of reservists ahead of potential ground invasion. prime minister netanyahu says the country is ready to take the next step if rocket fear does not stop. focus on capitol hill, remains on administration response to a 9/11 terrorist attack in benghazi libya. a closed door hearing with former cia director, david petraeus. jim? >> reporter: what general petraeus told lawmakers today has done little to clear up who knew what and when. what is clear is that initial accounts of a spontaneous uprising were quickly debunked. general petraeus sa
Nov 2, 2012 11:00pm EDT
with light, brown hair. so if you've got any information regarding these two individuals, you are urged to call montgomery county detectives. on the capital crescent trail, erica gonzalez, news 4. >> bail has been set at $2 million for a man accused of throwing pipe bombs in three homes. lawrence stuart is his name. he allegedly targeted his ex-girlfriend and two police officers this week before he fled to montana. investigators say he also tried to hurt police there. >>> beginning on monday, you'll pay a little less if you get caught speeding in d.c. right now, tickets average between 75 and 100 dlarsz. today, the mayor announced plans to lower by 25 dlarsz. >> an increase also goings into effect on monday for those caught going 25 miles an hour or more. that fine jumps from $250 to $300. >> up next, our exclusive interview with the wife of the beltway sniper. >> a local teenager attacked by an alleged bully. it's all caught on tape. we'll tell you why the victim's >>> a mother in northern virginia says her daughter was suspended from school, despite being the victim in this video. it
Nov 4, 2012 11:30pm EST
with a sprained ankle. for the steelers, receiver antonio brown left the game with an ankle injury and afterward said it's high ankle sprain. i'm told it's not and he can play next monday night against the kansas city chiefs. redskins quarterback robert griffin iii had x-rays after today's loss to the panthers on his ribs. x-rays are negative. he says he is fine but i'm told he is very, very sore. >> mike, thanks. folks, a reminder tune into the all-new pro football talk every weekend at 5:00 p.m. on the nbc sports network. another programming note. "the dan patrick show" can be seen every weekend morning from 9:00 to noon starting tomorrow on the nbc sports network. al aris to wrap things up after this. . leave ordinary behind with wendy's new bacon portabella melt. applewood smoked bacon, rich portabellas in a melty cheddar sauce. unleashing the power of the melt. that's wendy's way. now that's better. [ male announcer ] can a car be built around a state of mind? ♪ announcing the all-new 2013 malibu from chevrolet. ♪ with a remarkable new interior featuring the available chevrolet mylink i
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7